What is Fixed Wireless?

A Fixed Wireless connection is delivered over the same kind of radio signals used to connect your phone to the internet but is ‘fixed’ (installed) at the premises. Unlike your phone, it’s not a portable service because it relies on the equipment installed at your home or office.

Why choose the Speedweb Fixed Wireless network?

Our Speedweb Fixed Wireless network is the high-speed alternative to conventional household fixed-line internet, such as nbn™. Traditionally, your internet will be delivered to your home through cables in the ground, and these cables can be old, worn out, and expensive to fix.

With Fixed Wireless, Speedweb bypasses these ageing copper networks by installing an antenna at your home or business which talks wirelessly to one of our communications towers, which can be located up to 30km away. No phone line and no nbn™ required! Simply plug your router into the professionally installed data point in your wall and prepare for life in the fast lane.

What type of modem/router do I need for Speedweb Fixed Wireless services?

Our Speedweb Fixed Wireless services need a router/modem with an Ethernet WAN port, and it must be unlocked so it can be programmed with our service settings. If you’ve already got one, you can use your own router/modem, or purchase an Everyday Home WiFi Router from us for an additional cost. Due to a worldwide chipset shortage we cannot secure guaranteed router stock and the router we supply may vary. If you would like more information on the current available stock, please call us on 5135 3395 or email [email protected]

Do you use your own towers and antennas for Fixed Wireless services?

Speedweb Fixed Wireless uses Swoop’s exclusive network of access points on towers across the service area, and we provide and install a compatible antenna for the access point in your local area. No other provider can offer our Speedweb Fixed Wireless.

Set up costs

Standard installation:

$399 installation with no contract

$199 installation with 12 month contract

$0 installation with 24 month contract

Non standard installation POA

Would Fixed Wireless be right for my household? What sort of households does it suit?

Fixed Wireless has a plan to suit all households.

Fixed Wireless is suitable for a wide range of households, from empty nesters to young professionals, from singles to large families, and we have a range of plans to meet the needs of all. Whether you’re just checking your email and the weather or, or leading your gaming guild to victory, or streaming all your household’s entertainment, or making sure the kids can get their homework done, there’s a Fixed Wireless plan that’s right for you.

The beauty of Fixed Wireless is that the reliability makes it the simple, straight-forward choice for internet novices, while the connection has the oomph to cope with those who really put their connection through its paces.

What are the advantages of Speedweb Fixed Wireless?

Fixed Wireless is fast and reliable.

Households use their connections in entirely different ways now compared to 20, 10, even 5 years ago. The rise of Netflix, the ubiquity of portable internet-enabled devices and away from copper landline services these are all part of the ever-changing internet landscape.

Fixed Wireless is based on technology developed specifically to support modern internet use and habits, and the key attributes are the speed and stability of the service. The internet is no longer a hobby that we indulge in during downtime–it’s part of the fabric of our everyday lives, we need connections we can rely upon, and the speeds to handle anything and everything we want to do with the connections.

What is Speedweb Fixed Wireless?

Speedweb Fixed Wireless is the broadband you’ve been waiting for! Speedweb Fixed Wireless is our next generation Fixed Wireless broadband service that offers high speeds, reliability and great value, all on our privately owned and operated network.

Do I need to be home when Speedweb Fixed Wireless installation occurs?

Someone aged over 18 years of age will need to be home while we install your service. Our Speedweb Fixed Wireless services require roof access to install a permanent antenna, and we will also need to be able to install a cable to a data point in your home – that’s where you’ll plug in your modem/router.

How does line of sight work for my Fixed Wireless?

Fixed wireless needs an uninterrupted view, or line of sight (LOS), from tower to antenna. We make sure you have the best broadband service by checking LOS while we install your service. Of course, LOS can change over time when trees grow, or new buildings go up. Our support team are on hand to help if you have any problems with your service and can determine if we need to send a technician to your place to check for these obstacles.

Why is wireless used more in regional and country Australia?

Fixed wireless is often used to reach places that are otherwise difficult or impossible to service via cabled connections. They can also be available in fixed line communities to offer a true alternative to the monopoly infrastructure.

How does Fixed Wireless differentiate from other solutions?

Fixed Wireless is today’s technology, built and supported by a local team.

Speedweb Fixed Wireless is purpose-built. Legacy issues that come from stacking new uses onto infrastructure that was never designed to handle it are eliminated with Fixed Wireless, which is an entirely new evolution in technology, new infrastructure and supported by all-new systems.

The reliability of Fixed Wireless is further enhanced by a dedicated support team. The emphasis is on solutions that work for the long-term, and with their in-depth knowledge of the network they built, our local support technicians have every advantage over other networks that are serviced by out-of-area subcontractors.

If I’m in a nbn or privately owned fibre area, can I choose Fixed Wireless?

Households in Fixed Wireless-enabled areas have the freedom to choose.

You may think you are limited in your choice of providers, but as a stand-alone network our Fixed Wireless can be available to premises that otherwise would be restricted in their internet options. Speedweb Fixed Wireless may be the alternative you’ve been hoping for.

What is required to install Fixed Wireless?

Site assessment, activation and installation is all done for you.

On application, your address is assessed by technicians to ensure it is within the serviceable area of a tower. A site visit is conducted to ensure there are no barriers to installation of the service and to test the strength of signal at the site, and then the service is fully installed by our technicians.

The service is connected to your property via an unobtrusive antenna fitted to the outside of the property and a simple internal wall port.